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About us!

Business Runway trading as Small Business Runway is a full service Business Development Agency that aims to put power an money in the hands of minority business owners. We do so by empowering them with skills, education and the power of networking throughout their entrepreneurial journey from startup stages to growth and right up to the scaling phases of their business.

Our Services

Business Consulting
Business owners are taken through a full needs assessment that includes looking into their current business models, needs analysis based on individual business goals, Sales, Marketing and PR needs as well as strategic business development plans and recommendations.
Business Education
We teach small business owners practical tips and tools to grow their business. Training includes Sales (Prospecting and funneling), Marketing (Value Propositions and Communication) as well as customer retention and Social Media Marketing.
We host a number of small business events throughout the year aimed at connecting business owners to support institutions (Both government and private sector) and business leaders for them to network, be inspired and most importantly learn from the journey of entrepreneurs who have been where they want to be, AKA have walked the walk and now have or run successful business/es to show for it.